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Painting in Washington, DC

Earth Worth has a team of experienced professional painters that can deliver the desired results on time and under budget.

At our initial visit to your Washington, DC business, we provide you with an extensive painting evaluation. A properly prepared surface is the first step in the Custom Coatings, Inc. process of painting. If the interior needs nail holes filled, or the exterior requires scraping or sanding to remove failed paint (also known as peeling paint), we take the time to do those tasks. We fill in any cracks with appropriate sealant to have the best surface for a primer to adhere properly. If lead is detected we will follow the EPA guidelines for lead paint removal. We are one of a few certified lead paint removal painters in the state.

The next step in the Custom Coatings, Inc. process is to prime a surface. Priming is important because to helps to ensure paint adhesion success. Step three is the beginning of painting the surface. We only use premium level products when coating any surface because it takes the same amount of preparation and labor to apply a cheap, lesser quality coating as it does a premium material. Typically, we use products from our top quality suppliers like PPG and Sherwin

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Prep Surface
  • Priming
  • Testing for Lead
  • Smooth Even Top Coat
  • Thorough Clean Up

Don't hesitate to contact us at (202) 302-7781 in Washington, DC to get a complete free evaluation and estimate for your paint today.